In the spring of 2018, Sophia J. Gonzalez assumed the editorial lead in rebranding Chaps, a $650 million clothing brand, in order to increase its share of voice within the mass market. Gonzalez worked closely with the creative team to redefine the brand’s editorial mission, aesthetic, and tone of voice.

Reshaping the Brand Identity

Finding a balance between innovation and consistency, Sophia J. Gonzalez proposed digital and social content with the spirit and heritage of the brand in mind. Through editorial features, videos, and photo shoots, Gonzalez and her colleagues introduced the Chaps audience to the people, places and fashions that best speak to what it means to be an American today. Their motto was simple: Celebrate American Style.

Below is the brand statement that Gonzalez wrote shortly after taking on the new role.

To Live the American Dream in Spirited Style

What was launched in 1978 as traditional men’s clothing with individual flair has grown into a lifestyle brand for the entire family. Today, the complete collection spans sportswear, uniforms, suiting, and special occasion dressing. In character and choice, it is the embodiment of all-American style: authentic, natural, and timeless.

Gonzalez placed an emphasis on the comfort, style and versatility of Chaps clothing to better align seasonal creative with merchandising priorities.

Click through to view web pages and emails that Gonzalez wrote for Chaps:

The Face of Chaps

While generating excitement was important, it was equally critical that the brand hold onto its unique value proposition. The decision to cast a brand ambassador was intended to accomplish both.

Tony Romo for Chaps

Tony Romo is the First Brand Ambassador

NFL broadcaster and former football star Tony Romo embodied many of Chaps’ core values: family, sport, and the American Dream. Behind the scenes, Gonzalez worked on the concept for the first Chaps campaign video starring the Romo family, and wrote social posts in the voice of Tony and wife Candice for their own Instagram accounts. Watch the video and read Tony’s ghostwritten post here.

Tony Romo family Chaps
Tony Romo Chaps Instagram.png

Tony Romo on Facebook Live

Following the success of the Chaps x Tony Romo’s NFL fantasy football draft contest, the brand partnered again with Romo to host a special “Tony’s Toss” event during Super Bowl LIII weekend. Gonzalez teased the Facebook Live event both before and after the event on paid and organic social channels—with post coverage generating 1.8M video views, 30.9K post engagement, and 5.3M people reached in two days.

A New Generation of Consumer

To drive exposure and sales, Chaps started to sell its mid-tier range through Amazon. The initiative would require Gonzalez to write content for the multipage Amazon brand shop, as well as Amazon A+ pages.

Gonzalez wrote the copy with the intention of educating the Amazon shopper about the product. Here’s a small sample of Amazon A+ banners:

All images courtesy of Chaps