Ralph Lauren

Years of discounting and selling lower-end products with wholesale partners had tarnished Ralph Lauren’s image. Ralph Lauren hired Sophia J. Gonzalez in 2014 with the primary objective of elevating the brand experience at its outlet stores.

Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Stores

To increase the reach and appeal of Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Stores, Sophia J. Gonzalez proposed a 360 content strategy to marketing campaigns. It was Gonzalez’s answer to a core need: a consistently compelling brand vision that inspires new and existing customers to shop.  An overall success digitally, the strategy eventually extended to print and other advertising initiatives—with Gonzalez as the editorial lead.

Fall 2019 mailer

One Brand Voice, Many Channels

Gonzalez began by unifying content consistently across all touchpoints, platforms, and devices. This meant that when a customer received an in-home mailer with a tagline for the latest campaign (above), the customer would also see the same tagline on the marketing site and emails (below).

Without an e-commerce site of its own, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Stores relied heavily on email campaigns to drive customers to its stores. For this reason, Gonzalez placed an emphasis on content-rich, editorial-minded emails. Gonzalez would present her concepts based on imagery first before working with the design team to build the email campaign.

Click through below to view examples of emails that Gonzalez concepted and wrote for Polo Ralph Factory Stores.

The Rise of Video Marketing

From boosting conversions to search engine optimization, video marketing would quickly become an increasingly powerful tool for Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Stores. Gonzalez collaborated with the creative director and video production team to incorporate copy in the visual storytelling. The campaign videos would ultimately be played in stores and incorporated across digital channels.

Here’s an example of a short poem that Gonzalez wrote for the Winter 2019 campaign video:

A winter’s song
of rocking boats
and a pebbled shore
captured by the light
of a rising sun
in a cloudless sky
I hear it play
’cause there’s music in your voice
— Words by Sophia J. Gonzalez
Polo Ralph Lauren.png

All images courtesy of Ralph Lauren